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In-House Project Management Training - Anywhere in Ireland

In-House Project Management Training

Tailored Training at Your Location

If you’re in need of some skills development for your team, in-house project management training is a truly effective solution to consider.

In this short article, we’ll take you through the benefits, delivery style, and options available for in-house project management training.

What is In-House Training?

In-house training is a style of training where we come to your location anywhere in Ireland (or a venue chosen by you) to deliver project management training to your team.

It’s a hugely popular option for project teams, as it affords the opportunity to train your full project management team at the same time.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing In-House Project Management Training for My Team?

There are many advantages to choosing in-house project management training. We have highlighted our top 6 benefits here:

  • Consistency

    When training is delivered to your team in-house style, each member of your project team receives the same knowledge, terminology and skill-set. This helps to create a consistent standard of work, and a more efficient way of running projects in future.

  • Convenience

    We come to you, eliminating your team’s need to travel. Hosting training at your premises lessens any disruption to your business productivity levels.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Our pricing structure for in-house training makes sense for any team with more than 3 members for project management training. You can have up to 14 participants in any practical learning session, maximising the benefit you receive for your cost.

  • Customisation

    When delivering in-house project management training, we can customise the course content to reflect projects, processes, challenges and goals relevant to your business.

  • Certification

    Most of our training courses include the option for certification. Achieving certification cements your team’s project experience and skill, and boosts motivation project team-wide.

  • Flexibility: Your Dates + Any Location In Ireland

    Our in-house project management training is available throughout Ireland. We come to you, delivering training on dates that work best for your business calendar.

    Many clients choose to host training at a nearby hotel or conference centre as it adds to the level of focus achieved during training.

In-House Training Benefits

What In-House Project Management Training Options Are Available?

All of our training programmes are available for in-house delivery. Here’s a brief overview of the courses you can choose from:

Certified Conventional Project Management

Certified Agile & Scrum Project Management

Practical, Skill-Focused Workshops

  • Foundation Project Management Course

    Our Foundation workshop is perfect for teams who are new to managing projects. Participants gain a firm understanding of project management basics.

  • Project Management Fundamentals Course

    The Project Management Fundamentals Course dives a little deeper than the Foundation level. This 3-day course aims to equip your team with practical project management skills.

  • Risk Management Workshop

    Managing risk effectively can have a major impact on the success of a project. Our 1-day Risk Management workshop is geared towards providing participants with the ability to devise a risk management strategy for your organisation.

  • Stakeholder Management Workshop

    Your team will learn how to positively interact with the stakeholders of any project to achieve positive outcomes in different situations.

Get Started

Get Started

All of our project management courses are available as tailored, in-house programmes. If you would like some guidance or a customised quotation for your team’s in-house training, we’ll be happy to help.

Contact our training consultants by phone on Freephone 1800 910 810, or request your quotation.

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