Stakeholder Management Training Dublin

In-Company 2 Days

Effective stakeholder management can make or break a project’s success. Our 2-day workshop is geared towards equipping your team with everything they need for professional stakeholder management.

We cover the complete spectrum of stakeholder management skills. We can tailor the workshop content to focus on characteristics specific to your projects, business, and stakeholders.

Stakeholder Management Course Benefits:

  • Learn to identify stakeholders
  • Understand stakeholder management plans
  • Gain skill and confidence engaging with stakeholders
  • Build conflict and problem resolution skills

Who Attends this Stakeholder Management Course?

This course is designed for project teams that want to develop exceptional stakeholder management skills. It is also extremely beneficial for management and leadership teams to attend.

Topics Covered on this Stakeholder Management Course Include:

  • Principles and benefits of effective stakeholder management
  • A structured approach to identifying stakeholders
  • Creating a stakeholder management plan
  • Communicating with stakeholders
  • Developing interpersonal skills
  • Building and maintaining stakeholder relationships

Stakeholder Management Course Delivery Style

This is a very practical workshop, delivered to your team at your premises, on dates chosen by you. We work with you in advance of the training to determine any stakeholder requirements particular to your business needs.

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