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Agile Project Management Course (SAMC)

This Agile Project Management Course combines agile training with exam preparation to achieve the international Agile Master Certified (SAMCTM) qualification.

This course is available as both self-led and live virtual online training. No previous agile experience is required as we cover a comprehensive introduction to agile.

Online (Live or Self-Led) Practical Skills + Exam Preparation 3 Days

Self-Led €399 Live Virtual €680 Course Schedule
Agile Project Management Course Brochure
Agile Certified Project Management Course

This Agile Master Certified course includes:

  • 42 training module videos
  • Mobile app enabling you to learn on the move
  • Chapter tests and interactive case study
  • Progress tracker
  • Glossary
  • PDF textbook: A Guide to the Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOKTM Guide)
  • Your exam and certification costs
  • Bonus Material: Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFCTM) – over 10 hours of introductory Scrum course material, exam, and certification.

Agile Training Online

We offer this agile course as both live virtual and self-led, online training.

“Self-led” means that you can begin any time you are ready. “Live virtual” means you can join trainer-led, real time training online.

Learn more about both delivery styles by downloading our PDF brochure or the Course Overview tab below.

Your Agile Certification

This training leads to the globally recognised SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certified (SAMCTM) certification.

SCRUMstudy is the largest provider of scrum and agile qualifications worldwide. There are SCRUMstudy certified students in more than 7,500 organisations across the globe.

Certification Included

Course Overview

Understanding our Agile Project Management Course

This online agile course is perfect for anyone who wants to gain agile knowledge and certification.

Here are some of the key benefits you’ll gain from this training:

  • A confident understanding of agile
  • Exam preparation for Agile Master Certified (SAMCTM)
  • Access to online study materials (180 days)
  • Exam and certification costs included

Self-Led, Online Training

It’s extremely easy to connect with our online platform. Within hours of your purchase, you’ll gain access to all of the agile course materials.

Once your purchase is complete, you’ll have 180 days of access to our online learning platform. You can stop and start training as it suits your schedule.

You have 180 days of access, beginning from when you purchase this course. That means you can cover the course material at your own pace, with plenty of time to revise.

Enrol Now (€399)

Getting Started with our Live Virtual Platform

We have scheduled live virtual training dates running throughout the year. Use any “Reserve a Place” buttons on this page to request our next dates and reserve your place.

Live virtual training is very similar to a classroom experience, only online. Our expert agile trainers lead a focused, 3-day training.

You’ll be able to ask questions, participate in discussions, and get feedback from your trainer.

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How to Achieve Your Agile Certification

The path to agile certification is very efficient with this Agile Project Management Course.

  1. Begin by completing the online or live virtual course.
  2. Following the course work, most students complete a study period. The length of time required by each student varies. You will start to get an idea of the right study period for your needs during the course.
  3. When you’re ready, schedule and sit your 120-minute online exam. Once you pass, you will achieve your SAMCTM Agile Master Certified qualification.
    It’s helpful to know that if you do not pass your exam first time, you’ll have two free re-sits available.

What is Covered?

Who Attends this Agile Project Management Course?

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to get to grips with agile approaches to project management and achieve a recognised certification.

Participants will gain an understanding of agile and learn how to apply agile methods successfully to projects.

No experience is needed, so it is suitable for all levels of experience. It is always helpful – although not essential – to have some experience working with projects.

The skills you’ll learn during this training are not industry-specific, so it is suited to participants from all sectors of business and industry.

Our Agile Course Outline

Here is a high-level overview of what you’ll cover during this online agile course.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Agile and the Agile Manifesto
  • The difference between Agile and Non-Agile Project Management
  • Domains of Agile Practices (including Value-Driven Delivery and Adaptive Planning)
  • Core Values
  • Iterative Development
  • Kanban: Values, Practices, Implementation
  • Agile Methodologies: Scrum, XP, DSDM, Crystal, FDD
  • Comparison of Agile Methods
  • Best Fit Analysis Tool
Download our PDF brochure to read detailed course content. Our brochure also includes more information about the benefits of this training, the delivery style, and how to achieve your SAMCTM certification.

What is Agile?

What is Agile?

In its most basic form, agile is an approach to project management that breaks a project into short phases, enabling project teams to respond rapidly to changing requirements.

It is a highly collaborative way to work on projects, with continuous communication between the project team members.

Agile is an excellent methodology for anyone who works on fast-paced projects where the end results are difficult to define.

3 Benefits of Agile Project Management

  • Obstacles are overcome quickly through the ability to respond with ease and through continuous communication
  • New ideas are shared to create the most efficient pathway to reaching project goals.
  • Agile promotes frequent value delivery from an early stage and throughout of the project.

You can learn more about agile and its benefits by reading Professional Development’s article, “What is Agile?”.

Talk to Us about Agile

Wondering if agile could be a good fit for your projects and your project management career? Our training consultants have a lot of experience with agile and can advise on the best option for your training and certification.

Get in touch by calling our team at Freephone 1800 910 810 or Dublin 01 861 0700. You can also use the Ask a Question button below to ask us anything about this course or agile training.

For Your Team

Agile Training for Groups

We also offer this course for groups as an in-house training programme. In-house training means that we provide training exclusively to your team.

Delivery Format

You can choose between an online or classroom delivery format.

Online can be self-led or via our live virtual training format. Live virtual training gives you the benefit of a trainer-led classroom, while enabling students to connect remotely.

Classroom means that we come to you to deliver training on-site at your business.


We can tailor the content to focus on projects and challenges relevant to your organisation. In-house training also enables you to schedule training for a date that suits your team best.

Read more about the process and benefits of in-house training in our “In-House Project Management Training” article.

Getting Started

To begin planning an in-house agile project management course for your team, get in touch with our agile experts.

You can reach us by phone at Freephone 1800 910 810 or Dublin 01 861 0700. Alternatively, use the “Ask a Question” button below to request a quote for your team.

Agile Certified Course Brochure

Download your Free Agile Course brochure

Our PDF Agile Project Management Course brochure gives you more detailed information about this course including:

  • Full outline: course content
  • Course delivery information
  • Your route to achieving a Agile certification
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