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Project Management Professional – PMP® Exam Preparation Course

Completing our Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam preparation course is an extremely effective way to set yourself up for PMP® exam success.

We include 5 days of intensive, trainer-led exam preparation via our live virtual classroom. You’ll also gain 90 days of unlimited access to our online PMP® exam simulator.

This course is fully aligned with PMI® Exam Content Outline May 2020 for exams taken from 02.01.2021.

Virtual Exam Preparation 5 Days €950

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PMP Exam Preparation Course

The PMP® credential is essential for experienced project managers who want to set themselves apart from their peers.

It is designed for, and internationally recognised as a credential for project management professionals of a distinguished level of skill and capability.

PMP® credential benefits:

  • PMP® credential holders are recognised as PM experts.
  • PMP® credential is internationally recognised.
  • PMP® credential is versatile and valid in every sector.
  • PMP® credential holders enjoy increased earning potential.

PMP® Live Virtual Classroom

This PMP® exam preparation course is currently available online as live virtual training, making it easy to connect from home.

All you need is a good internet connection and a web-enabled device with a web-camera, speakers, and microphone (most smartphones, computers and tablets have these already incorporated).

4 Key Benefits of our PMP® Exam Prep Course

  • Fully Aligned with the New PMP® Exam

    A new PMP® exam came into effect on January 2nd 2021. This PMP® Exam Preparation Course and Exam Simulator are fully aligned with the new exam content.
  • Predictive, Adaptive, & Hybrid Approaches

    In recent years, with the arrival of the Sixth Edition of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), greater focus has been given to adaptive (also called “agile”) approaches to project management. This course includes both predictive (conventional), adaptive (agile), and a hybrid of both approaches.
  • Expert PMP® Trainers

    Our PMP® credentialed trainers bring a wealth of experience to every PMP® course we run.
  • 90-Day Exam Simulator Access

    We include exam simulator access with your course price. Following training, you’ll gain 90 days of unlimited access to our premium online PMP® exam simulator, a crucial tool in building the right mindset for your exam.

Course Overview

More Information about our PMP® Exam Prep Course

Here is a snapshot of what you can expect from our PMP® exam preparation course. For full details, we recommend downloading our PDF course brochure.

PMP® Exam Preparation Course – Learning Outcomes:

Following our 5-day PMP Exam Prep Course, you will:

  • Understand relevant project management methodologies and approaches aligned with the PMP® Exam ECO (Exam Content Outline) 2021. This will incorporate a blend of predictive, adaptive, and hybrid approaches.
  • Know how to answer PMP® exam questions.
  • Be prepared for your self-directed study period following training. Our online exam simulator, course materials, and your additional text resources will support you in this period.

Why our PMP® Exam Prep? (4 Reasons)

Expert Trainers

Our PMP® Courses are delivered by experienced, PMP® credentialed trainers. Their extensive knowledge and familiarity with the PMP® exam and syllabus will support you as you begin your PMP® exam prep.

Connect Anywhere

With our live virtual training format, you can benefit from a classroom experience while connecting online from home or wherever you are currently based.

PMP® Exam Simulator

Following training, you will have 90 days of access to our exceptional online PMP® Exam Simulator.

This simulator includes 4 full length exams that will help you familiarise yourself with the PMP® Exam structure and gain confidence in completing the exam within the required time frame.

Sample Q&As

Our 5-day course is designed for intensive exam preparation. We include sample questions and answers at the end of each module, and give you guidance on creating an effective study plan.

PMP® Exam Prep: Need to Know

Here are some important points to note about your PMP® study, application, and exam journey.

Study Period

You will need to schedule a study period following training.

This varies from person to person, but 4 – 6 weeks of study time is a good general guideline. During training, you’ll get a sense of how long you’ll need.


While going through the study period, apply for your PMP® exam directly with the PMI®.

Your trainer will include helpful tips about the application process during training.

Course Fee Excludes

  • PMBOK® Guide & Agile Practice Guide: We do not include your PMBOK® Guide or Agile Practice Guide textbooks in order to give you the option to source your own e-books or physical books. You will need a copy of each for training and exam preparation. Our training consultants will advise on the best stockists when you book.
  • Exam fee: Examination fee of $405 (USD) for PMI® members and $555 (USD) for non-members (paid directly to the PMI®). (This is an indicative cost. Please check www.pmi.org for current details.)

What is Covered?

Topics covered on this PMP® course

The PMP® Exam changed on January 2nd 2021. The content of this course is fully aligned with PMI® Exam Content Outline May 2020 for exams taken from 02.01.2021.

Highlights include:

  • Module 1: Overview & Introduction to PMP®

    Gain a foundational introduction to the PMI®, PMP® credential, and predictive, adaptive, and hybrid approaches.

  • Module 2: Keeping the Business in Mind

    Discover tools and techniques for keeping the project aligned with business requirements.

  • Module 3: Creating a High-Performing Team

    This module focuses on methods for creating a strong, highly effective project team.

  • Module 4: Starting the Project

    We cover a range of skills needed for engaging with stakeholders, determining project governance, planning, and managing your project in its initial stages.

  • Module 5: Doing the Work

    Module 4 flows into module 5 which focuses on techniques for successfully managing your project while it’s in progress.

  • Module 6: Keeping the Team on Track

    Module 6 is keenly focused on the toolkit you need to lead a high-performance project team and keep your team focused throughout the project’s lifecycle.

For a full outline of the content covered during this PMP® exam preparation course, we recommend downloading our PDF course brochure.

Training Delivery Style

This is an exam preparation course. It’s primary objective is to begin preparing you to sit and pass the PMP® exam.

It is delivered online in a “live virtual classroom style”. This means that you’ll be joining real-time, interactive training sessions delivered by an experienced PMP® exam preparation trainer.

You can learn more about how we deliver this course by downloading our PDF brochure or getting in touch with our training consultants at Freephone 1800 910 810 or Dublin 01 861 0700.

Eligibility Requirements

Who Attends this PMP® Exam Preparation Course?

This course is designed for experienced project managers who want to up their game, while preparing to sit the Project Management Institute (PMI)® PMP® exam.

There are two routes of eligibility, depending on your background:

  1. Prior Education: You’ll need to have either a 4-year degree or leaving certificate diploma.
  2. plus

  3. Documented Experience: Applicants for this course should have a minimum of 3 years of project management experience (where a 4-year degree is held). This experience must be within the past 8 years. If your prior education comes to less than a 4-year degree, you’ll need to document a minimum of 5 years of experience.
  4. plus

  5. Formal Training: The final eligibility requirement is that you have 35 hours of documented project management training. This PMP® course will meet that requirement.

You can read full details on the PMP® eligibility requirements and map each eligibility route in our PDF brochure.

If you’re unsure whether you meet the requirements, you may find it helpful to speak with our training consultants who have plenty of experience with the PMP® requirements.

You can reach our team by phone at Freephone 1800 910 810 or Dublin 01 861 0700, or click below to ask a question online.

For Your Team

In-House PMP® Exam Preparation for Your Team

An in-house PMP® exam preparation course is a wise choice for expanding the skill and credibility of your experienced project managers.

While adhering to the PMI® Exam Content Outline, we can tailor the focus of the examples to have relevance to challenges and goals important to your team.

Delivery Style

Choose from our live virtual training format (perfect for teams that work remotely), or an in-person classroom programme.

  • For classroom programmes, we come to your location to deliver training.
  • With live virtual training, your team can connect to real-time, tutor-led sessions online.

Benefits of In-House Training

There are many benefits to choosing this approach for PMP® exam preparation. Here are 4 important plus points to note:

  • Efficient: If you have an experienced project team, this style of training is a highly efficient way to up-skill the entire team at once.
  • Flexible: We will deliver the training in a style and delivery frequency that suits your business schedule.
  • Tailoring: While insuring the syllabus is covered, we make the training as relevant to your team as possible, by focusing on examples and projects relevant to your organisation.
  • Savings: Our in-house pricing structure allows for great savings on public course prices.

How can it work for your team?

Talk to us about a PMP® exam preparation programme for your team. We can advise on how it will work best within your company.

You can call us at Freephone 1800 910 810, or click “Ask a Question” below to request a tailored quotation.

PMP Course Brochure

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PMP® Credential: A Career Game-Changer – The Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is internationally respected. Gaining this prestigious credential is a career game-changer for experienced project managers. Download our PDF brochure to learn more about the PMP® credential and this PMP® Exam Preparation Course.

  • Full course content
  • Full course schedule
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Your route to achieving a PMP® credential
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