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Risk Management Course

In-Company Practical Skills 1 Day

Risk Management Course

This Risk Management Course provides your team with risk management skills they can put into action immediately, safeguarding the success of your next project or business venture.

Our approach to in-company Risk Management training combines a practical application of skills with theoretical learning.

Risk Management Course Benefits

  • Understand the fundamentals of effective risk management
  • Learn how to identify potential risks
  • Create action plans relevant to your business
  • Discover how to run efficient risk management meetings
  • Learn to both monitor and control risk during projects

Who Attends this Risk Management Course?

This practical workshop is designed for teams involved in planning business strategy and / or running projects. We can run this workshop within organisations for both the leadership and project management teams.

Although some experience working with projects can be helpful, it is not essential for this course.

Why is Risk Management Important?

Why is Risk Management Important?

Risk management is an extremely important set of skills for both leaders and project managers. When you’re undertaking any major business initiative or kick-starting a project, it’s important to identify what could go wrong, and what kind of obstacles may crop up during the process.

Once you have identified the risks, you can put measures in place to prevent them from ever occurring. You’ll also need to know how to put response strategies in place to cover any worst-case scenario you encounter.

The tools your team acquire during risk management training will help them to implement successful risk management measures within your organisation.

Topics covered on this course include:

Module 1: Risk Planning

  • Risk Management Principles
  • Identifying and assessing risk
  • Calculating risk contingency

Module 2: Risk Control

  • Planning risk responses
  • Monitoring and controlling risk
  • Running risk management meetings
  • Action plans

This is a high-level overview of our Risk Management Course. You can get the full outline and delivery details by downloading our PDF Risk Management Course brochure. You can also read more about the benefits of correctly implemented risk management and learn about the delivery style of this course.

How is this Workshop Delivered?

This is an “in-house” workshop, meaning we come to you to deliver training. We can hold the workshop at your premises, or another location you choose. You also choose the dates for this Risk Management Course, fitting the workshop around your schedule.

These factors eliminate the need for travel, and minimise any disruption to your team.

Training Delivery Style

Tailored for Your Team

Training is delivered exclusively to your team. We customise the focus of the course around your business and the kind of projects and initiatives you run. You could even choose to apply the training to a live project or initiative if you wish.

It is tailored to the goals and challenges of your business to ensure you get the best results from the training.

Tailored for Your Team

Training for Individuals

Although this risk management course is only available for groups, we do have risk management modules on some of our public management courses.

Take a look at our QQI Project Management Course, which has dates available in Dublin all year and includes a module on risk management.

Training for Individuals
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