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How To Become a Project Manager

how to become a project manager

If you’re new to project management and want guidance on how to move into this role, take 3 minutes to read this guide on how to become a project manager.

Have you been project managing without realising it?

As you begin to learn more about project management, you may be surprised at how often you have unofficially managed projects in the past.

A project doesn’t have to be a huge process with graphs and projections. Think about anything you’ve worked on involving planning, organisation, and execution.

You may already have some unofficial project management experience under your belt!

Are you managing projects already?

Do you already work in a project management environment?

If you know what kind of project environment you’ll be working in, it can help you to decide where to start with training and experience.

For example, if you’ll be working as part of a team that deals with projects that change as they progress, it could be helpful to look at Agile or Scrum training.

If your company mandates the use of the PRINCE2® project management methodology, this is the wisest place to start.

How to Become a Project Manager: 4 Steps

4 Steps to Become a Project Manager

Step 1: Talk to an Expert

Talk to someone who can advise you on your first steps. Our advice is to speak with one of our training consultants, who can chat about your priorities and experience.

They will guide you towards the best project management course to get started with.

Step 2: Attend Training

You can get started in project management without formal training. However, in a project management role it’s always better to have the support of training and a recognised certification.

By attending training, you’ll gain confidence and a reliable framework to apply to your projects as you move forward.

Step 3: Assessment or Exam

If you’re going for a certified option, you’ll need to complete some study or assessment work following the training.

Depending on what option you choose, you may need to complete an exam or submit assessment work.

Step 4: You’re a Project Manager

Once you’ve completed training and achieved a certification, you have all the tools you need to begin building up your experience through working on active projects.

How to Become a Project Manager: Step 2 – Attend Training

Our Most Popular Project Management Courses for Beginners

QQI Project Management – 4 Days (live virtual)

We recommend this course for anyone who wants to gain practical project management skills and a respected certification.

Project Management Fundamentals – 3 Days (live virtual)

This course runs alongside our QQI Project Management course. Those who are interested in developing strong project management skills without working towards certification go for this option.

Agile Certified Course (self-led, online)

If you want to focus on Agile project management skills from the start, this Agile Certified Course is a wise choice.

You’ll cover the fundamentals of Agile project management and work towards an internationally recognised certification.

Scrum Master Certified (self-led, online)

Scrum is hugely popular in many organisations across the globe. Scrum is a form of Agile and is a team-focused approach to managing fast-paced projects effectively.

Gain the skills and qualification of a Scrum Master (a key member of the Scrum team) with our online course.

instant action

7 Handy Tips to Help Your Projects Instantly

If you’re already working on projects, you can read these 7 Tips for Project Managers to give you an immediate boost.

Need Advice on How to Become a Project Manager?

If you are unsure about the right option for your career, why not get in touch with us to discuss your next steps?

You can reach our consultants by phone at Freephone 1800 910 810 or click below to Ask A Question.

You can also download our free PDF Guide to Choosing a Project Management Course instantly.

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