Scrum Product Owner Certified Course Dublin

In-Company 2 Days

Our Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOCTM) course is available for in-company bookings. This scrum training and certification solution includes everything required to get your team confident and certified in the scrum product owner role.

A Scrum Product Owner is a key stakeholder within any Scrum project. They are responsible for defining and prioritising project requirements, and maintaining communication between a client and the Scrum Team.

Scrum Product Owner Course Benefits:

  • A complete solution: training, classroom and online study materials, exam fees, and certification included
  • Gain an understanding of the responsibilities of a scrum product owner
  • Training can be tailored to focus on projects within your business
  • Your team will gain consistent knowledge and skills

More about the Role of Scrum Product Owner

The Scrum Product Owner is a crucial member of any scrum project team. They act as a key stakeholder, maintaining clear and open communication channels between the customer and scrum team. They also define the project criteria, and continually prioritise elements of the project throughout.

Topics covered on this course include:

  • Module 1: Agile and Scrum Overview
  • Module 2: Scrum Roles
  • Module 3: Scrum Principles
  • Module 4: Sprint Planning
  • Module 5: Implementation of Scrum
  • Module 6: Scrum for Large Projects

Scrum Product Owner Course Delivery Style

It is tailored to the goals and challenges of your business to ensure you get the best results from the training.

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