Project Management Institute FAQ

Project Management Institute

1. Who are PMI

The PMI are the world leader and most recognised association of Project Management professionals. PMI are global leaders in the development of standards, certification, research and publications for the PM profession. PMI provide education and training in over 170 countries and their qualifications are the industry standard.

2. How recognised are their qualifications

PMI qualifications are the most recognised in the world.

3. What are the PMI qualifications

There are two qualifications the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) which is an entry level qualification and the Project Management Professional (PMP) for the more experienced PM. Both qualifications are based on the same curriculum called PMBOK. A simple analogy is to think of the CAPM as a Junior Cert and the PMP as a Leaving Cert.


This qualification is for those who are engaged in PM but are new to the profession and who generally work with support of a Project Manager. A three day course is offered for those preparing to sit this exam. For a comprehensive guide see the CAPM Handbook.

5. CAPM Entry Requirements

  • Some experience of PM
  • 23 hours PM training

6. CAPM Exam

The CAPM exam is a three hour, 150questionexam. The exam is online and availale at PMI test centres. There is a test centre in Pearse Street, Dublin. The exam is based on the PMBOK guide.

7. PMP

The PMP certification is the recognised standard qualification for Project Managers worldwide. Those seeking to be PMP’s are generally experienced Project Managers who want to advance their qualifications. Many employers require PMP as an entry requirement for recruits. This is a qualification which all PM’s should aspire to. For a more comprehensive guide see the PMP Handbook.

8. PMP Entry Requirements

As a candidate for PMP you should have;

  • Three to five years PM experience
  • 35 hours PM training

9. PMP Exam

The PMP exam is 4 hours long and is multiple choice. The exam is online and is taken at a PMI test centre. There is a test centre in Pearse Street Dublin. The exam is described as difficult and considerable preparation is required. As part of the of the 5 day course you will be given a thorough grounding and an opportunity to practice exam questions.

10. How do I apply for the exam.

You can apply through the PMI website at The application process can be complicated and detailed however it is covered as part of our course on both the CAPM and PMP course.

11. Are there exam fees

Yes. Exam fees are charged directly by PMI and are paid when you are accepted to do the exam. The fees are;

  • PMP €465
  • CAPM €250

12. Will I pass the exam.

We have a 96% pass rate but it really depends on you. PMI exams are difficult and you are required to put in work in preparation. If you follow our instruction and study you will pass your exam